Since the beginning of 2018 Tatjana Quax and Ben Lambers operate as the new artdirectors of Quooker. Eden Spiekerman layed down new design rules in a Quooker brand manual and Tatjana and Ben implement these rules (with a little spice of themselves) together with the studio at Quooker headquarters in Ridderkerk. The studio works in close collaboration with the marketing department, together they make communication content for more than 7 country’s.

Quooker marketing: Martijn Punt, Simone Poot, Lianne Alles, Annemieke Vullings, Nadine Verwaal, Gabriëlle Wijler, Robbin Loois. Quooker studio: Merijn Haenen, Danielle van Steenbergen, Cameron Bird, Udo Bezoen. Artdirectors: Ben Lambers and Tatjana Quax. Director/photographer: Yani. Production: Chantal Gulpers and Giuseppe Du Crocq, New Amsterdam. Director installation and ‘How to’ video’s: Maxim Lambers. Photography story’s: Inga Powilleit. Styling: Mirella Saphetapy and Tatjana Quax. Render imaging: Bert Simons.