studio aandacht

Studio Aandacht is founded in 2002 by Tatjana Quax (1968) and Ben Lambers (1969). Essentialy we are look-and-feel-makers with a pragmatic approach towards marketing and communication. In short: we just want to make you look good in every possible way. We pride ourselves on having long term relationships with most of our clients. For some the emphasis is more on graphic design and visual identity, for others we create images for editorial, advertising or PR use. We combine the cultural with the commercial and vice-versa. We talk in visuals, so don’t expect lenghty strategic plans from us. Strategy comes naturally to us but most cliënts know perfectly well what they want, they simply don’t have the skills to visualize their vision. We can. We create, produce and photograph ourselves and work with small and effective teams, making tight budgets look like a million euro’s.