‘If you have to characterise the work of Ben Lambers and Tatjana Quax, you soon come up with the clear harmonisation of form, colour and atmosphere: emotion and reason in equilibrium as a sort of yin and yang, but the opposite of ethereal: down to earth, practical and directly comprehensible.’
BL: ‘The best solutions are close to yourself and that is what makes them so obvious. My motto is “Less is More”. The simple solution is usually the most elegant.’
TQ: ‘I often say jokingly “More is More” to indicate that we do not think and work on the basis of a fixed framework. It is about the total image: colour, form, atmosphere. If everything makes sense intuitively, it is in dialogue with itself. In the end the basis of our work are concepts and often the first – often intuitive – solution is  the best. But sometimes you have to go through an entire process and peel the assignment off in order to get back to that simple concept again.’

From the cahier Opentext; Martijn van Ooststroom, Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

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