bella & LINDA.

Inspired by Memphis design, studio Aandacht created a fantasy world for the production ‘Bella Bella’ for magazine LINDA. wonen. With the amazing Bella Hay as she-rebel…
Photography; Floor Knaapen.
Production and styling; Tatjana Quax, Susanne Kennedy.
Assistant; Meinoe Heinis.
Model; Bella Hay.
Make-up and hair; Danine Zwets via Angelique Horn.
Sets; Gloudy set Design.

Linda_Bella_01 Linda_Bella_02 Linda_Bella_03 Linda_Bella_04 Linda_Bella_05 Linda_Bella_06 Linda_Bella_07 Linda_Bella_08 Linda_Bella_09 Linda_Bella_10 Linda_Bella_11 Linda_Bella_12 Linda_Bella_13