ahrend showroom

Ahrend is one of the oldest office furniture manufacturers in the Netherlands. They asked us to restyle the showroom in Sint Oedenrode where the factory and headquarters are. Ruud Hoppenbrouwers from Fokkema & Partners Architecten created a beautiful open space that reminded us of the headquarters of some secret organization. Ahrend; Peter Veer,  Björn Leeninga, Arnold Struik and Nicole van der Wal – Lammertink. Concept and realization; Studio Aandacht / Tatjana Quax, Ben Lambers, Susanne Kennedy and Femke Hofhuis. Signing entrance; Assembled by root. Poster design; Ben Lambers. Decors; Gloudy set design. Sample cart; Moss design. Window panels; Petra Vonk.